The International Center for Human Rights sent a letter to the Honorable Steven Blaney, Minister of Public Safety of Canada, in regard to celebrating Ayatollah' Khomeini's life and deef in Toronto and requested government's action. ICHR believes that this event is against the criminal code of Canada and organizers are promoting hate speech.

Iranian-Canadian Mostafa Azizi, writer and TV producer, was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment in Iran today at the revolutionary court. Mr. azizi , 53,  was arrested on February 01, 2015 shortly after his return to Iran to care for his ailing father, spent over two weeks in solitary confinement under Revolutionary Guard ‘s Intelligence Service detention (ward 2-A) before transferring to Evin Prison’s general ward.

Due to effects of the Syrian war and the rise of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, there has been a dramatic influx of millions of people seeking refugee status in countries of first asylum such as Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan, as well as European nations including Greece, Germany and Sweden. This refugee crisis is the result of failure in dealing with Syria and Bashar Asad's dictatorship, not to mention ISIL. Now, the humanitarian effort is failing, too.