Toronto, Ontario 16 December 2014- The International Center for Human Rights (ICHR) announced today that Mr. Mohammad Sadiq Kaboudvand, received the ICHR’s prestigious human rights award for 2014. Although he is currently imprisoned the award recognizes his efforts to defend the right of Iranian Kurds under persecution. Writer Ms. Ava Homa accepted the award on behalf of the winner. Click for FARSI

The International Center for Human Rights - ICHR (December 19, 2014): The U.N. General Assembly approved resolutions criticizing the human rights violations in Iran, Syria and North Korea on Thursday December 18. The ICHR is extremely pleased by the adoption of these important human rights resolutions on Iran and Syria as well as North Korea.

Around 100 refugees from Syria are at risk of being returned to the war-torn city of Kobani/Ayn Al-Arab. They are part of a group of over 250 men, women and children from Kobani who have been unlawfully detained by the Turkish authorities in a sports hall since 5 October in the border town of Suruç in Turkey’s south-eastern Şanlıurfa province. Of this group, two sets of returns have taken place on October 14 and 16.